Meaghan is awesome! I have worked with her in various capacities over the last two years and have much respect for her and her work ethic. She is a dedicated individual and gets tasks done on time.

She is a great writer. Moreover, I do not just mean how she writes…she does the research needed to back up her writing. It’s more than just fluff that she puts together for her articles. She truly takes ownership and gives it her all.

She is also awesome on social media. She is all about using the right hashtags, emojis, and mentioning others appropriately to create just the right message that speaks to the specific audience.

If you are looking for someone to supplement your marketing efforts, Meaghan is a great choice!

Working with Meaghan in her role as a freelance blogger for Augustine.com is great. She is very professional, always meets her deadlines, and is a fantastic writer. She works very hard to get her blogs just right, and that hard work shows through. I highly recommend her as a blogger to anyone.

Meaghan has been a valuable member of my team at Find and Convert. Her contributions span helping us grow our subscribers and members at Social Business Engine, podcast production, social media marketing, email marketing and writing. She is the idea person behind my Poolside Sales Chat live video. In addition to her skills, her work ethic is top notch.

I thoroughly enjoy working with Meaghan. She is easy going yet professional and has supplemented our team’s offerings with her social media expertise and writing skills. Meaghan meets her deadlines and isn’t afraid to make recommendations so that your content does its job in marketing your business. Meaghan rocks!

John Hance – Master Herbalist, Eshdet Herbs

I’m grateful for your insights. I’ve long felt like there was something not quite right with my home page, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. You nailed it on the head! Your advice was spot on.

Buffy Trupp – Founder, The Mindful Fertility Project

Your tips about my Facebook and Twitter have been really helpful. Facebook Page likes are up!!