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  • Preventing Instagram Spam Comments with Hidden Words

    Are you tired of sorting through a barrage of Instagram spam comments? Do you long for authentic engagement and meaningful interactions with your followers? If you’re a small business owner or solopreneur who wants to foster genuine social media connections, this article is perfect for you.

    In the evolving digital marketing landscape, Instagram is a powerhouse for brand visibility. Yet, spam comments can often ruin the true essence of real interaction. If you want to improve your Instagram experience and create a space where real conversations can thrive, putting a stop to spam comments before they get published is the place to start.

    Are Spam Comments Helpful for Your Instagram Account?

    Before we discuss the solution, let’s debunk a common misconception about Instagram spam comments. Many people believe Instagram spam comments can be beneficial because they are still a type of engagement for your post. However, in reality, these comments rarely provide any value to your content. Instead, they create a nuisance as they clutter up your feed and overshadow real interactions.

    How do Hidden Words Settings Work on Instagram?

    Introducing Instagram’s ‘Hidden Words’ feature – a powerful tool enabling you to control your comment section. With this feature, you can easily remove Instagram spam comments by specifying particular words or phrases you want to block so you can foster real and meaningful conversations in your comment section.

    Step By Step Guide on How to Activate ‘Hidden Words’ to Prevent Spam Comments on Instagram

    One of the best ways to prevent spam comments on your Instagram posts is by activating “Hidden Words.” Here’s how:

    1. Access Settings: Open your Instagram app and navigate to your profile.
    2. Tap on Settings: Click on the gear icon and choose “Privacy.”
    3. Go to Comments: Select “Comments” and find “Hidden Words.”
    4. Customize your List: Add specific words common in spam comments.
    5. Save Changes: Make sure to save your settings to apply the filter.

    What are the Phrases to Include In Your Instagram Hidden Words List?

    Creating a comprehensive list is key. Try to think of the obvious spam terms and variations, misspellings, or industry-specific terms that spammers commonly use on your posts. For example, words like “giveaway,” “promo,” or “discount” might be fine in some situations but can be flagged as spam in other contexts.ย 

    Should I Delete or Block Existing Spam Comments on My Posts?

    When dealing with existing spam comments, the question often arises: should you delete or block them? Deleting removes the comment from immediate view but doesn’t prevent the user from posting again. Blocking, on the other hand, restricts the user from interacting further. Your strategy might depend on the severity and persistence of the spam.

    How to Delete Comments on Instagram

    1. Open Instagram: Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.
    2. Access the Comment: Navigate to the post containing the comment you want to delete.
    3. Tap the Comment: Locate the comment you wish to remove and tap and hold on the comment.
    4. Select Delete: A pop-up menu will appear, then tap “Delete” to remove the comment.

    How to Block Comments from a User on Instagram

    1. Open Instagram: Launch the Instagram app and go to your profile.
    2. Access the User Profile: Locate the profile of the user whose comments you want to block.
    3. Tap the Profile: Once on their profile, tap the three dots (โ‹ฎ) at the top right corner.
    4. Select “Block”: From the options presented, tap on “Block” to prevent the user from interacting with your content.

    Other Ways to Protect Your Business From Scams and Spams on Social Media

    Although the Hidden Words feature of Instagram is useful, it’s not the only thing you can do to safeguard your business on social media. To get a better understanding, check out this article on how to prevent scams and spam on Facebook.

    Getting rid of spam comments on Instagram is not just about cleaning up your feed. It’s essential to maintain a genuine and valuable online presence. By removing spam, you create a space for better interactions with your audience, free from clutter. Focusing on quality over quantity improves your brand’s image and helps build real connections and a positive space.ย 

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