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  • Unwrap Success: Crafting a Winning Holiday Marketing Strategy

    The holiday season is a magical time, not just for celebrations and gift-giving but also for small businesses looking to connect with their audience and increase their sales. At Tidal Creative Group, we believe that a well-crafted holiday marketing strategy can be the ultimate gift to your brand. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key elements of an effective holiday marketing strategy and how our Holiday Marketing Strategy Sessions can help you achieve your business goals this season.

    The Power of a Holiday Marketing Campaign

    The holidays are a busy time of year for everyone. There’s gift shopping to do, cookies to be baked, holiday parties to attend, decorations to put up, and so much more. If you’re a small business owner, it’s critical to be prepared.

    Around the holidays, you may notice revenue changes and higher competition in your industry. Some businesses slow down this time of year, while others begin to see more customers than usual. The November and December holiday season yielded a 6% jump in sales in 2022.

    If it’s a slower season for you, you can spend this time preparing for next year when things go back to normal. Another option is to ramp up your marketing and try to overcome the lull in business.

    Advertising costs tend to increase around the winter holidays because of two reasons. One, people are spending less time using their devices, and two, so many businesses are advertising. Based on what I’ve seen with Facebook and Instagram ads specifically, it’s not unusual for costs-per-click (CPC) to increase by double or more than their averages.

    That’s where a powerful holiday marketing strategy comes in.

    With a well-thought-out plan and proper execution, you could see significant increases in your holiday sales. Consider the success story of a Northeast Florida acupuncture and wellness clinic we assisted in holiday marketing – they reaped an extra $15,000 in sales over three days during Black Friday, Small Biz Saturday, and Cyber Monday specials in 2021. And here’s the kicker, they spent less than $150 in ad spend!

    In the subsequent year, they outperformed themselves, garnering nearly $3,000 more in sales during those same three days. There is potential for a substantial return on investment. Imagine what hitting numbers like this would do for your conscience around the holidays. How much time could you take off without any guilt of making your business goals for the year?

    Exclusive Holiday Marketing Strategy Sessions

    Our Holiday Marketing Strategy Sessions are priced at $250, a fraction of the expected ROI. We’ll begin our 90-minute session by reviewing your:

    • Business details and goals
    • Current marketing efforts and budgets
    • Past marketing successes and failures

    Then we’ll jump into possible sale ideas, effective copy you can use, and even design recommendations. You’ll leave our session with a multi-channel plan for every step you need to take and a schedule for when you need to complete it. If you’re feeling pressed for time, we can explore options for us to take the reins.

    About a week later, we’ll touch base for a brief check-in meeting before your promotions go live to see how everything is looking.

    Ready to supercharge your holiday season profits? Secure your spot now!

    Boost Your Holiday Sales with a Marketing Strategy Session

    The holiday season is fast approaching, and you can unwrap success for your business with an impactful strategy. Our Holiday Marketing Strategy Sessions are here to help you easily navigate this festive time of year. I’ve been working with wellness professionals on their holiday campaigns for four years now, and I’m excited to share what’s worked for others.

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your holiday marketing game and ensure a successful and joyous season for your business.

    Click here to book your Holiday Marketing Strategy Session now. Availability for the Holiday Marketing Strategy Sessions ends on November 10th. Let’s make this holiday season one to remember for your business!


  • Can Google Ads or Facebook Ads Help Your Service-Based Business?

    Are you wondering if Google Ads or Facebook Ads are the way to go for your service-based business?

    To answer this question, we first need to understand the purpose of each ad type:

    • Google Ads allow you to reach potential customers when they’re trying to find a solution.
    • Facebook Ads (or Meta Ads as they’re called now) are shown to users when they’re on the platform checking out their friends’ posts and updates – they’re better for brand awareness and getting traffic to your website than for getting bookings.

    *Remember, Facebook/Meta Ads post to Instagram too. Placements are configured when creating the campaign.

    Let’s review the benefits of using Google Ads or Facebook Ads to get your services in front of the right people.

    The Argument for Google Ads

    Google Ads help to get your business in front of the right people at the right time. When people search for a solution to their problem your product or service addresses (whether they know it exists or not), your company can show up at the top of their search results with an ad on Google.

    Currently, Google uses “Ad” in bold letters to show the user which are ads versus the organic search results (a result of SEO). They’re usually the first few results and a few more towards the bottom of the page.

    Google Ads are targeted ads based on search queries. This means that people searching for what you offer will be more likely to click through and find out more about your business, call you, or send you their information. With Google Ads, you customize your ad targeting so that it shows up for specific keywords related to your business.

    The Argument for Social Media Ads

    Social media has transformed how consumers interact – it has become an integral part of business. Through social ads, businesses can tap into this space and create relationships with their customers that may not otherwise exist.

    Using social media ads, you can show tailored content specifically to certain groups of people based on audience targeting. It’s a great way to create engagement between customers and your brand – which can ultimately lead to more purchases due to stronger relationships.

    Depending on your chosen objective, social ads can get more traffic to your website, create brand awareness, capture leads, promote an app, or get people to convert (in my experience, the sales objective is best for retargeting warm leads).

    Facebook and Instagram ads work really well for brand awareness and traffic. They’re also great if you have a download or quiz for lead generation. One Facebook Lead Ad I created for a health coach with a digital download gathered hundreds of email addresses in a month with less than a $100 budget. Over seven months, they spent about $500 in ad spend and brought in over 1,300 leads in the form of email addresses.

    Should You Use Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

    There are several things to consider when deciding which type of digital ad is the best fit for your business.

    • Budget is obviously a major factor. Pricing varies between the two and across social media networks, but both are cheaper than traditional advertising methods like television commercials or radio spots.
    • How much time and effort can you put into creating and managing the ads?
    • Advertising goals – Do you want website traffic, people to engage with your posts, leads, purchases, or something else?
    • What type of audience are you trying to reach? This includes demographics like age, location, and interests, but also where your potential customers or patients are in their journey to make a purchase or schedule a consultation.

    Ultimately, it’s important to remember that both types of digital ads can effectively achieve your business goals if managed properly. To be honest, you should probably be using both, and maybe even LinkedIn Ads too.

    Here are some more of my insights that will help you when deciding to use Google Ads or Facebook Ads:

    • Social media ads are often easier to manage for beginners but do require design work upfront and tweaking throughout the campaign term.
    • Don’t waste your money on DIYing Google ads if you don’t have time to check on the ads and keywords weekly at the minimum. It’s better to hire a professional who knows what they’re doing.
    • Running larger campaigns across multiple platforms may be preferable if you need maximum exposure.
    • If building relationships with customers is most important to you, then investing in social media advertising would make sense over relying solely on Google Ads.

    When it comes down to it — test the different options to determine which is most effective for your business goals.


    Need help with your online ads? I’m certified in Google Ads Search, and we’ve helped clients create digital ads for several years now. Reach out if you’re ready to take the next step in your online marketing!